An Eileen Harper facial is individually tailored to meet the needs of every woman’s changing skin. With seasonally inspired facials, Eileen combines a deep cleanse with luxurious facial massage before nourishing the skin with intensive serums and treatment masks.

Your therapeutic face, neck and décolletage massage alleviates stress, stimulates circulation and prepares the skin to receive the full benefits of the intensive serums. Finished with the application of a complimentary moisturiser, the result is a rejuvenated, firmed and flawless face.

Sothys Signature Facial

Where botanics meet advanced science-based active ingredients. Providing optimal hydration, firming and revolumising; putting the bounce back into your skin.

Treatment includes gommage exfoliation and sugar based cleansing, ridding the skins surface of tired cells in preparedness for high performance massage with hyaluronic gel and molecular peptide creams, locked in by a heavenly marshmallow mask. The finished results are instant, rejuvenation at its best!

The effects of this facial are cumulative, recommending a series of three treatments, two weeks apart for superior anti-aging results.

For longevity of your treatment Eileen suggests an individually tailored regime for home maintenance.


Sothys Seasonal Facial

Specially formulated using fruits of the season with highly antioxidant properties, designed to counteract the negative effectives of heating and air-conditioning. A gommage peel eliminates environmentally damages cells preparing the skin for the application of intensely antioxidant serum and cream.

This restores the health of each cell’s connective tissue, optimising their capacity to store and retain maximum moisture. The luxuriously fragrant fruit mask activates the rejuvenating ingredients while providing a delightfully relaxing experience and exceptional results.

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